Think of this site as the adult comic website equivalent of indie radio. You'll get a bit of  almost everything here: MILF on Lads, Superheroines, Sci-Fi, and Horror. And The Invisible Sex Maniac! 

 Consensual, non-consensual, all with a sense of fun: it's all fantasy after all. 

Here is a current, though not complete, list of stories that you'll find within:
The Ring
Summer With Auntie
Did Mrs Phelps Come?
Moon Babes
ISM: ISM Begins
ISM: Office Orgy
ISM: Pool Poon
ISM: Wedding Edition
ISM: Orgy vs Family Values
ISM: At The Deli
ISM: Elevator
ISM: Gets A Workout
ISM: A Fine Receptionist
ISM: Sun On Mountains
Martians At Large
Paranormal Experiences
Of SuperHeriones
Batgirl vs. 60's Batwoman
Big Barda vs Wonderwoman
SuperHeroine Combat
Super Battle Broads
Timmy Quick
Meet the Gradys
Don't Go Into Whisper Park
The Mom's Weekend Visit
Housewives In Space (Over 100 pages!)
Looking In On The Lad

27 stories and climbing! 2 to 38 pages each! 

 So check out my samples, my free section, and show me some love and join my site! You won't regret it!

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Slid!  21 Jan,2015